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Shipping costs depend on the value of the ordered products.

Within Germany 

If the order value does not exceed 38,99€, You pay 2.50 € for orders up to 1 kg  or 4.80 € - for orders over 1 kg of weight. 

If You order for more than 39 € within Germany, delivery is free of charge.

Shipping to the EU countries 

If the order value is 40.99€ and less, the shipping will cost 12 € for orders up to 2 kg  or 16 € for orders over 2 kg.

If the order value is between 41€ and 119.99€, the shipping costs 10€.

If the order value is more than 120€, delivery is free of charge.

(Please, see the menu SHIPPING COSTS for exceptions!)

Shipping to other countries in Europe 

If the order value is 40.99€ and less, the shipping will cost 27 €.

If the order value is between 41€ and 79.99€, the shipping will cost 23€.

If the order value is between 80€ and 119.99€, the shipping will cost 15€.

If the order value is between 120€ and 189.99€, the shipping will cost 10€.

If the order value is more than 190€, delivery is free of charge.

Shipping to other countries 

is usually calculated according to the tariffs of the DHL http://www.dhl.de/en.html . In case of larger orders, we provide a share of Your shipping costs. Please, contact us!


We ship orders only after the payment is credited to our account. 

Please, pay within 7 days after placing an order, as after a week the unpaid orders will be deleted.

You get from us a short message as soon as Your money arrives.

You can pay by bank transfer or via PayPal.

When paying by BANK TRANSFER, please remit the appropriate amount to our bank account. For our bank account details, please, check the email with the confirmation of Your order.


This payment method is for You as a purchaser free of charge.

It is necessary to register at PayPal. 

PayPal is present in over 190 countries round the globe. 

Using PayPal, for example, You can pay by bank collection, Giropay, credit card or Your PalPal credit account in Germany.

If You are paying with PayPal, during the ordering process, please, select, "Bank Transfer" as a payment method and enter the key word "PayPal" into the field "Comments". You will find our email address for PayPal payments in the order confirmation email. Finally, log in to Your PayPal account and transfer us the corresponding amount of money, specifying Your order number.


Information about Your order (order status, information about previous orders and lists of books ordered) You will get by logging in to YOUR ACCOUNT (at the top left).



It is possible to order our products on a "foreign" address (e. g. as a gift to a person of Your choice). To do so, put desired books in the basket, log in to Your account and fill in the field CHOOSE A SHIPPING ADDRESS FROM YOUR ADDRESS BOOK or ADD ANOTHER ONE. You can add a greeting for Your recipient into the field COMMENTS.

You can also order a nice gift wrapping in the category overview under the menu item GIFT IDEAS.

If You have any further questions, please, contact us via the contact form (menu INFORMATION --> CONTACT), send us an email:  or call the number: 0049 157 75 79 08 29.



You might also be interested to find out a little more about...

The beginning of the ukrWunderkind bookstore

Here is how the bookstore all got started. We are parents, whose children live and grow up outside of Ukraine, as it is the case for many of You. We wish and hope that our children speak the Ukrainian language as well as we do. To achieve this aim we believe that it is important, not only to converse with the children in the mother tongue but also to introduce them to reading books at an early age. Until recently, the only problem was how to get the needed children's books on a regular basis. This is where ukrWUNDERKIND comes into play.

Our goal

is to facilitate Your (re)search for books and offer high quality and diverse children's literature in the Ukrainian language.

Why is our bookstore called ukrWunderkind

The answer to this question is simple and short. Our children usually speak two or three languages ​​and are bearers of various cultures... In this respect, aren‘t they true wonder kids?!! ;)

(translation note: German Wunderkind= Engl. wonder kid)

In which countries do readers enjoy Ukrainian literature from the bookstore Ukrwunderkind?

Our Ukrainian books for young and old are being read of course in Germany, as well as in Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland and Spain.

A note of thanks

Thanks to all, especially to my family and friends for their help and support!!! Special thanks to my friend Tanya with her family and to my cousin Myhaylo! They made me think about setting up this bookshop.

Many thanks to ALL of You who support us, either by ordering books or by advertising for our website!!! :)